APIfication: API revolution in Finance sector


The first solutions we implemented on clients helped them to make easier the business processes use within their companies from any device and to be able to increase in this way the number if pootential customers who could consume their solutions. The so-called private APIs (banks, insurance companies, electricity companies, etc.)

At Enyoit, we work in several API projects in the financial sector, helping to pave the way for digital banking with the new bank digital platforms development. This platform provides with the facilities to connect the bank datato third parties applications with safe protocols and an API management layer, wich makes bank’s CORE systems and thris parties applications independents one from another.

In this way, we create a layer in between in charge to standardise communication and to make external applications talk to base systems, which increases the innovation speed and the contcat to customers because it is not needed to wait for developments within the bank’s platforms. All this communication is regulated by a series of protocols that applications wanting to connect must comply with. Likewise, the bank has the control to authorise systems to access its internal platforms.

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