Building Event Driven MicroServices with Apache Kafka


We live in an interconnected world where many of out daily used devices are connected 24 hours to the Internet, sending information. Within the companies, millions of events happen and, if these are monitored, they can allow to improve decission-making within the businesses.

Solution based on heavy batch processes made in a programmed way, usually over night so it doesn’t have an impact on the client, are a thing of the past. For several of our customers we have made solutions based on real time event management and a later enrichment through Big Data processes, founded on Kafka tool –messaging bus to produce and consume event in real time-. It’s been established as a key technology in Streaming architectures to move hundreds of thousands of events per second.

We participate of a new cloud platform that includes a complete advanced digital solutions offer, flexible and transparent, finding the balance between your traditional business and the new opportunitiesfrom the digital world These are solution which allow to manage ll voice communications, information transmition, video-conference, as well to improve team work, internal or with customers and suppliers, through applications such as meeting rooms or virtual desktops.

We use technologies like Openshift, Apache Kafka…It’s 100% opensource and cloud-based project.

It is amultifunctional platform organised in four key points:

  • Data privacy
  • Business digitalisation
  • Collaborative solutions
  • 100% connectivity

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